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Kabzaa Movie (2023) | Release Date, Review, Cast

Kabzaa Movie 2023: The action thriller Kabzaa starring Upendra, Kiccha Sudeep, Shiva Rajkumar and Shriya Saran was released in cinemas worldwide on 17 March. The Kannada language film directed by R Chandru has also released in Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu and Hindi. Tamil as an all India release. Quickly see the plot of the story in the article below.

Kabzaa Movie Review & Rating Cast & Crew

Upendra (Hero)
Shriya Saran (Heroine)
Sudeep, Kabir Duhan Singh, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Danish Akthar Saifi, Manoj Bajpai; (Cast)
R. Chandru (Director)
R Chandrasekhar & Raj Prabhakar (Producer)
Ravi Basrur (Music)
Ganesh Acharya, Shekar and Sundaram (Cinematography)

Plot: The plot of Kabzaa revolves around an ardent Gandhian supporter and a freedom fighter, who is brutally attacked. The son of a freedom fighter gets trapped in the mafia due to unavoidable circumstances, and the story takes place between 1942 and 1986. Kabzaa Part 1 begins in the pre-independence era, with Arkeshwara, the son of a freedom fighter, living with his mother and brother. Soon after, India gains independence, and viewers may find themselves in the 1970s with the adult version of Arkeshwara, played by Upendra. He is now an Air Force soldier, but after his brother is killed by a powerful gangster, he is forced to join the dark world of the underworld. Arkeshwara kills a local gangster in retaliation for his brother’s death and becomes a protector of sorts, becoming a big-time g angster in Amrapur. Madhumati (Shriya Saran) marries Arkeshwara, a political veteran, against her father’s wishes. The fear of Arkeshwar has spread far and wide, and the most powerful gangsters are now after him, along with a tough cop named Bhargav Bakshi (Kiccha Sudeep). There is a surprise element in the climax, but we will have to wait for part two to see it (including Bhargava’s full-fledged role).

Performance: The acting was unnatural; Everyone was following suit. There has been no attempt to create a different gangster whose story we want to take forward. Typical briefs for men are walking around with cut throats and beheaded heads. And women, of whom there are only two insignificant in this universe, are expected to serve the fragile egos of the men around them. Kichcha Sudeep, who has been used as the promotional face, has only a cameo. Upendra is looking forced here. All the villains are supposed to be auditioning for Drag Race.

Technicalities: The cinematography captures apt frames of big screen grandeur, which is very important for Sandalwood. As said earlier, Samvad is very critical for 2023. R. Chandru’s direction is exceptionally hardcore and focuses entirely on big commercial filmmaking, away from logical and intelligent cinema. “Loud BGM” indicated aggression, and the expression was unpleasant to hear.

Analysis: Possession can be a better script for the modern era. And worrying about logic as it needs to add one element. There is no connection between where it begins and where it ends. The capture script could be more cohesive. There were dramatic pauses, jittery blackouts and frequent knockout moments. There were unexpected romantic scenes in between the bloodbath. An over-advanced action is sluggish only for the first quarter.

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