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Miral movie review: Bharath, Vani Bhojan’s thriller boasts compelling ideas, but lacks solid punch

The chemistry between the lead actors is one of the solid aspects of the film, but the director’s attempts to deceive the audience with repeated twists fail.


Miral Movie; A couple, worried about the unfortunate events happening in their lives, decide to appease a powerful deity in their native village. They travel to the small town with their child pinning high hopes on their future.

But the village that was supposed to solve their endless miseries turns out to be a major threat to their lives, thanks to the various mysteries surrounding the place.

Miral movie

The couple is attacked by unknown people and evil spirits at a deserted place, leaving them terrified. Can they escape the terrifying clutches of unsolved riddles in the village?


Miral Movie; M Sakthivel’s Miral deals with an intriguing plot that takes recourse to a narration that relies on multiple genres. The director has attempted to deftly switch his genres at crucial junctures and completely focused on duping the audience with the twists and turns.

The film begins with an arresting sequence involving a family of three. The way the scene is staged, it puts you at ease. But once we get involved with the proceedings, we are tricked into showing that it was a dream one of the characters in the film had. The film throws in more such confusing moments to entertain the audience.

Hari (Bharti) and Rema (Vani Bhojan), a Chennai-based couple who are haunted by frequent unlucky events in their lives, are clueless about their future. On the advice of the latter’s mother (Meera Krishnan), they both accompany their child to their ancestral home to their village deity.

Rema’s father (KS Ravikumar), who still holds a grudge against the couple for marrying without her approval, forgets his differences with them and helps her in all the auspicious ceremonies. Hari and Rema, who look forward to a fresh start, go back to Chennai wholeheartedly. However, little did he know that his life would be thrown into disarray by an unexpected attack from an unknown person and some evil spirits.

Miral, touted to be a slasher film, begins as a horror film

. The plot is organically developed with the help of some interesting moments. The emotional scenes involving the couple and Rema’s family members do not reduce the pace and curiosity factor of the film.

Miral Movie; The pre-interval sequence stands out with scintillating visuals from Suresh Bala, complemented by background music by Prasad. Bharat and Vaani’s performances lend ample support to the staging in the scene. In fact, their chemistry is one of the solid aspects of the film.

However, the screenplay becomes dull after a point and the proceedings begin to test patience due to repetitive moments. The character of the unknown assailant is presented interestingly; His unexpected actions elevate the film on certain occasions. But the inclusion of a few more characters spoils the mood, thus turning the whole set up into a superficial environment.

Danger Mani’s stunt choreography is neat, though the plot offers more scope for action. The turning point in the part before the climax and a backstory associated with it overwhelms. The director’s repeated attempts to cheat the audience with smart twists fail after a point.

Verdict: With a promising plot and reassuring chemistry between some of the characters, Miral offers some intriguing moments. But the snappy twists and turns in the latter half leave the audience disappointed.

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