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Next Stop, Christmas review: Another breezy, predictable Hallmark holiday film strictly for Christmas lovers

Next Stop, Christmas Story:

Next Stop, Christmas Review: Angie Reynolds is a busy surgeon whose busy schedule leaves her barely enough time for a personal life. Rarely getting a chance to visit her family even during the holidays, she realizes how far she has drifted from them over time and reminisces about her last ‘perfect’ Christmas as she spends another lonely night ready for. The miracle of Christmas gives her a chance to mend things with her family and gives her another shot at love.

Next Stop, Christmas
Next Stop, Christmas

Next Stop, Christmas Review:

Next Stop, Christmas Review: Hallmark continues its tradition of cliched, predictable and unfunny Christmas rom coms with the next stop, Christmas. A Christmas movie through and through, the Dustin Rickert directorial debut is as formulaic as they come, classic Hallmark holiday magic with a sprinkle of innovation.

What’s a Christmas movie without the usual tired tropes, Next Stop, Christmas is no different. The film follows the story of Angie Reynolds, a skilled and busy surgeon whose busy professional life leaves her little time to focus on her personal life. Of course, her dedication to her life-saving profession and her hard work mean nothing to her ‘loving’ family, who are constantly on her case to remember the past two Christmases, and to find out They are not trying to understand what is happening in their lives.

The Fate of Angie follows a plethora of Hallmark heroines who, despite thriving careers and great friends, have a void in their lives that can only be filled by a romantic partner. As another quiet Christmas fast approaches, Angie reflects on her past relationship

with a successful sportscaster whose proposal she turned down a decade ago.
Next Stop, Christmas

A chance encounter with her childhood sweetheart, from whom she drifted away, makes her double down on the ‘what ifs’ in her life

and her thinking leads her to think about how her last ‘perfect’ Christmas was, Where her parents were together and she was happily in love happened almost a decade ago. A Christmas miracle gives her a chance to relive her happy memories, and she discovers that many things were different than she remembered.

There are clichéd words sprinkled left and right throughout the film, along with the shallow characters that are a staple of every Christmas movie. We have a workaholic protagonist who is in dire need of ‘rescuing’; the lover who puts work above all else; The Christmas-loving small-town childhood best friend who’s too good to be true. The characters are far-fetched who speak in Christmas-themed clichés, such as “the magic of Christmas will get you anywhere” and, “what you want is not what you need”. Indifferent and lifeless performances by the cast add to the dullness of the entire film.


Next stop, Christmas is a predictable Hallmark holiday movie with shallow characters, uninspired writing, and dull performances.

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