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Career After 12th: Make a career as a transportation designer and earn good money, these skills will be needed

Transportation Designer Career: If you have technical knowledge with creativity, then you can make a career as a transportation designer. Let us know what are the possibilities for this in the future.

Career As A Transportation Designer: If you want to make a different career, then you can work as an automotive designer or car designer. For this work, the candidate should have creativity, technical skills, market knowledge etc. so that he can design new and unique types of automobiles. What work do they do, how do they work, what kind of opportunities emerge for them in future? Know the answers to many such questions.

What is their job

The job of a transportation or car designer is to design such automobiles which are perfect in terms of engineering, market trends and working. They create sketches, digital renderings and 3D models and work closely with engineers to technical staff for this. Their job is to design vehicles that are safe, attractive, meet consumer needs and have an innovative and impressive design.

Have to do this study

If you are interested in automobile design then only make it a passion and study in this field. Read COR models, their features and more and refine your designs and drawings. Talking about studies for this, it can be started after taking Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design, Transportation Design, Automotive or Automobile Engineering. In these programs, information about design principles, materials, manufacturing methods, digital design tools, etc. is given.

This is how earning happens

To earn well in this field, it is very important to gain experience. Before starting your career, do internship in related companies and only after getting complete information related to work, apply for a job somewhere. There is good earning in this field. With experience, education and innovation, 5 to 6 lakhs can be earned in this field in the beginning of the year and even more later.

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