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Dead Pixels Web-Series Review & Rating

Dead Pixels Web Series: Gayatri (Niharika Konidela) and Bhargav (Akshay Lagusani) both work in the same company. They live together and are good friends. More directly discussing games indirectly. Pilot Anand (Vivah Harsha) shares his passion for gaming. What effect does “Battle of Thrones” have on the lives of these three people? What does Roshan (Sai Raunak), a new employee in the company, bring to the game and Gayatri and Bhargava’s relationship? Why does his flatmate Aishwarya (Bhavna Sagi) believe that they are in a relationship? What is her father’s issue with Bhargava? The end result serves as the turning point.

Dead Pixels Cast

Akshay Lagosani, Harsha Chemudu, Sai Ronak, (Hero)
Niharika Konidela, Bhavna Sagi (Heroine)
Rajeev Kanakala, Bindu Chandramouli, Jayashree Rachakonda (Cast)
Aditya Mandala (Director)
Sameer Gogate, Saideep Reddy Borra, Rahul Tamada (Producer)
Siddhartha Sadashiv (Music)
Fahad Abdul Majeed (Cinematography)

Performance: Niharika Konidela is good as ever in her portrayal as an independent woman. Her portrayal of a gamer has been modernized, and she carries the show with ease and ease. His portrayal in dramatic scenes adds more nuance to the action.

Bhawna Sagi, an actress, is lovely on screen and pulls off the task assigned to her. Pilot Anand and Bhargava, played by Viva Harsha, do well in their comic parts and add complexity to the story. His comic timing and light-hearted dialogues provide some much-needed relief to the story.

Last but not the least, actor Sai Raunak has a strong screen presence, and Niharika Konidela and Sai Raunak’s chemistry is expertly conveyed. Dead Pixels Web Series

Technicalities: Siddharth Sadashiv’s music gives the play an added advantage as it has a contemporary feel to it. All the key scenes are accentuated by his background score in a compelling way. Fahad Abdul Majeed’s photography is of the highest caliber; He skillfully captured the full performance in a rich texture. His framing and camera stance give a fresh feel to the whole arrangement.

Rich production values and production design work is the hallmark of Tamada Media organization. The properties set by the artwork department were handled appropriately.

Analysis: The six episodes of the show are directed by Aditya Mandla. He handled the story in an interesting way. The plot, which has gaming as its backdrop, is expertly handled by combining all the ingredients in right proportion.

One drawback is that the marriage of Harsha and Bhargava could have been employed more effectively to enhance the comic relief in the story. Also Dead Pixels is a good movie to watch this weekend.

To summarize Dead Pixels is a compelling story focused on video games with high repetition to attract digital audiences. For its construction and method of operation, the concept and concept are really intriguing and effective.

Verdict: Effective execution keeps the entertainment interesting!

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