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Chanakya Niti Motivational Success Quotes | Chanakya Safalta Mantra

Chanakya Niti: Failure Weakens The Morale Of A Person. If You Are Also Failing Again And Again, Then Follow These Policies Of Chanakya, You Will Definitely Get Success And Life Will Be Filled With Happiness.

Chanakya Says That Before Starting Any Work, Ask Yourself Three Questions, Why Am I Doing This, What Can Be The Consequences And Will I Be Successful. Proceed Only When Satisfactory Answers Are Found

Chanakya Says That If The Person’s Present Is Meaningful Then The Future Will Definitely Be Successful. For This, It Is Necessary To Live In The Present, Do Not Regret The Time That Has Passed, But Learn From It And Make A Plan For The Future.

According To Chanakya Niti, A Person Should Be Loyal Towards His Every Work And Relationship. He Says That The Way A Dog Protects Its Owner Even In Trouble, In The Same Way This Quality Will Take You To The Pinnacle Of Success.

chanakya niti motivational success quotes in hindi
Chanakya Niti Motivational Quotes

Chanakya Says That A Person Should Always Be Friends With Equals. Those Who Are Above Or Below Your Level, Their Friendship Is Neither Good Nor Enmity. Such People Can Become The Cause Of Your Suffering.

According To Chanakya, Negative People Take You Away From Your Goal, So Keep Distance From Them, Because Even A Wise Man Gets Sad When He Listens To The Preaching Of A Foolish Person.

Often In Difficult Times People Deviate From Their Goals, The Only Reason For This Is That Their Intention Is Not Strong. According To Acharya Chanakya, Even The Destinations See The Way For People With Strong Intentions.

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